terry-pratchett (Source:Getty)

Tamson Pietsch

Senior lecturer in social and political sciences, University of Technology Sydney

While academics in the northern hemisphere are packing their books and heading for the beach or the hills, south of the equator we are curling up by the fire. Keeping me company there will be Karl Polanyi’s The Great Transformation, a book that has been so frequently cited in my reading of other people’s work this year that I’ve decided it’s high time I had a direct encounter. I am also looking forward to taking up the late, great Terry Pratchett’s (pictured) Making Money (Corgi). I have always loved his Discworld books for the wry, affectionate, incisive commentary on our world they offered, and I thought I had made my way through them all. Imagine my joy, then, when I came upon this one in a second-hand book stall last week!

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