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Imagining the university of the future

Guardian Higher Education Network Live Chat panelist, 11 November 2011

Guardian Cribsheet 06.10.11

We’re kicking off Cribsheet with news of a blog on the Guardian’s Higher Education network. Today Tamson Pietsch (@cap_and_gown), a history lecturer at Brunel University, bemoans the disappearance of the sabbatical at many cash-strapped universities …

10 Australian social media influencers in higher education

The Guardian Higher Education Network, Wednesday 28 September 2011. From vice-chancellors to enterprise educators and research specialists, we asked our Twitter community to recommend 10 Australian social-media trailblazers. Here’s that list …

Readers’ comments

Tamson Pietsch does some of the smartest writing on higher education–anywhere. (24 June 2011) Twitter @CaseyBrienza …

“Maybe the best [History of Ed book] I read all year was Tamson Pietsch’s Empire of Scholars: Universities, networks and the British academic world 1850-1939 which is a really well-done short (academic authors, take note) history which illuminates the way in which the settler universities of the British Dominions were intimately linked to one another through personal scholarly connections.” Alex Usher HESA, Dec 2016