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I’ve got a new project on the go that focuses on the way we talk about houses. It’s the product of many a conversation with my friend and co-researcher, Frances Flanagan, about our society’s obsession with property.

Moving back to Australia after several years living abroad, it seemed everyone was talking about property: at dinner parties, at work, at the school gate, and in the newspaper. ‘Where do you live?’ was invariably the first question people asked us.

Frances and I wanted to think more carefully about what all this house talk adds up to? What are we really talking about when we talk about houses?

We are hoping that people will help us out by telling us about the houses they have lived in, the homes they have made and their frustrations along the way. There are no screening procedures and we are inviting anyone above the age of 18 to participate in our study.

You can fill out our survey here and find out more about the project, including ways to stay updated as we progress at And please forward it onto your friends and family too.

Both the questionnaire and the interviews take the form of open-ended questions about your experience of and feelings about property. They also include some questions that help us understand how these experiences might differ across age, income, geographic and gender groups. We do not seek access to any of your personal information and all responses will be anonymised in any subsequent publication.

And in case you were wondering, the picture at the top is of the new search within school catchments facility from – saying better than we ever could that houses are about much more than savvy finance.